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Implications for teaching and assessment

The Australian Curriculum: Work Studies, Years 9–10 aims to build knowledge, understanding and skills of students to prepare for and manage the world of work and life more broadly.

The embedding of work-related learning, authentic experiences and contemporary workplace and employment issues will be supported through the interrelated elements of applied learning and work exposure in the Work Studies Years 9–10 curriculum.

Partnerships between schools, local businesses, community organisations and industry are fundamental to providing successful outcomes for students undertaking Work Studies. The diversity of schools, local economies, workplaces and industries across Australia will require schools to customise work exposure opportunities for students. There are an array of work-related programs that can provide a segue into forging such relationships.

Opportunities for professional development/learning of teachers and careers advisers and guidance, support and resources for teaching staff rest with the relevant state and territory authorities and professional associations.

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