Curriculum version history

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Change to the key elements of the curriculum (rationale, aims, content descriptions or achievement standards) will be recorded with a change to the version number before the point, e.g., from 2.n to 3.n. Updates to the curriculum such as additional information or editorial changes, will be noted by a change to the number after the point. The appropriate version number will also be visible on any documents downloaded and printed from the Australian Curriculum website.

VersionRelease DateRelease Notes
7.5 21/5/2015
  • Revised identification of General Capability and Cross Curriculum Priority tagging
7.4 31/3/2015
  • Inclusion of Australian Curriculum: Languages (Arabic, German, Japanese, Korean, Modern Greek, Spanish and Vietnamese)
  • Inclusion of 20 Illustrations of Primary Curriculum Management
7.3 5/1/2015
  • Updated Technologies glossary
7.2 8/10/2014
  • Inclusion of Australian Curriculum: Work studies Years 9-10
  • Inclusion of a Humanities and Social Sciences learning statement
  • General capability and cross curriculum priority tagging displaying in elaboration view
7.1 25/8/2014
  • New icons for each general capability and for most cross curriculum priorities
  • Revised identification of general capabilities for all subjects and a new presentation of the identification
  • Revised cross curriculum priorities in English, mathematics, science, history and a new presentation of the identification
  • Collapsible show/hide navigation panel in the Curriculum Browser page
7.0 21/7/2014
  • Inclusion of Australian Curriculum: Languages (Chinese, Indonesian, Italian, French)
  • Redesign of website, navigation and inclusion of additional functionality
6.0 18/2/2014
  • Inclusion of Australian Curriculum: The Arts F-10
  • Inclusion of Australian Curriculum: Civics and Citizenship 3-10
  • Inclusion of Australian Curriculum: Economics and Business 5-10
  • Inclusion of Australian Curriculum: Technologies F-10
  • Inclusion of Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education F-10
5.2 16/12/2013
  • Revision of Physics Unit 4 – The Standard Model content descriptions
  • Minor revisions to Physics glossary terms
  • Revised student diversity advice materials and added personal illustrations of learning
5.1 05/08/2013
  • Inclusion of senior secondary Australian Curriculum (content and achievement standards) for Geography
5.0 20/05/2013
  • Inclusion of Australian Curriculum : F-10 Geography
4.2 13/03/2013
  • Glossary entries added for senior secondary subjects
  • Examples in context added for senior secondary science subjects
4.1 31/01/2013
  • General Capabilities
    • General Capabilities Learning Continua – Revised and additional levels included
    • Overview revised
    • Literacy and Numeracy introductions revised to address student diversity
    • Title of Ethical behaviour changed to Ethical understanding
    • General capabilities identified at element level in learning area content descriptions
  • Student Diversity support materials published
4.0 10/12/2012
  • Inclusion of senior secondary Australian Curriculum (content and achievement standards) for 14 subjects in English, Mathematics, Science and History
  • Revised home page to access F-10 curriculum and Senior secondary curriculum
3.0 23/01/2012
2.0 17/10/2011
1.2 08/03/2011
  • Minor editorials to content descriptions
  • Glossaries: revised for English, mathematics, history and science
  • Cross Curriculum Priorities: updated descriptions (general and learning area); additional information of organising principles; revised icons
  • Scope and Sequences: PDF scope and sequence charts included for download and print
  • ScOT topics: revised topics for to better align with thesaurus for English, mathematics, history and science
  • Revised student diversity information sheet
  • Additional support document for mathematics glossary
  • A number of minor editorials
1.1 13/12/2010
  • Revision of mathematics glossary
1.0 08/12/2010
  • Initial release
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